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Supplier Benefits

At BevPRO, we see our Suppliers as true partners and work equally hard to ensure our Suppliers' expectations are exceeded as we do our Members. We work together with our Partners to encourage supportive purchase behavior through the Group's Partners and to build purchase loyalty that lasts a lifetime.


Other buying groups will bring together groups of buyers, hold suppliers for ransom and will provide some short-term benefits.  Not BevPro, we understand and value the importance of a long-term relationship and work with our Supplier Partners to ensure we always create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Financial Benefits

Limited Suppliers Per Product Category

BevPRO permits a limited number of Suppliers to sell in each product category. This controlled practice gives Suppliers room to grow with little to no competition in their product category. With Members collectively voting in and BevPRO vetting them, Members trust and know that all BevPRO Suppliers permitted into the Group have the BevPRO stamp of approval.

Streamlined Payments Platform

Fast. Efficient. Protected!


Electronic invoicing and payments have moved to the forefront as businesses shift to less expensive, more efficient, and better protected methods of their sales to collection cycles. BevPRO utilizes a central invoice and payment technology through electronic invoicing (EDI) and payments (ACH/EFT).  This all but eliminates the need for paper transactions and drastically improve efficiencies. In utilizing this and aggregating the invoices & payments into one centralized system for all Members, Supplier Partners gain the ability to share in those efficiencies as we provide a single line of contact for invoicing and additional collection support with our in-house team.

Rebate Programs to Benefit Supplier Partners too

We not only believe; we know that properly designed rebate programs will incent the right behavior for our Partners.  With decades of experience dealing with Supplier Partners and Members we know what programs drive purchase behavior and we help our Supplier Partners structure their programs to ensure we create a winning situation for everyone. At the end of the day, we are just as committed to providing you with unparalleled benefits as we are our Members. Let’s grow together!

A True Partnership

We don’t just ‘check the box’ and collect a rebate from our Suppliers. BevPRO views each Supplier Partnership as a true partnership where we help each other grow. BevPRO’s partnerships promise to our Suppliers is to become an extension of your salesforce, to facilitate sales opportunities and to spread your brand value proposition. 


When our Suppliers win, the Members win, and BevPRO has done its job.


Individual Member unique pricing is never shared by the BevPRO Staff with any other Member or Supplier. Rebates are always confidential and are never published. This has the benefit of any BevPRO negotiated incentives (rebates, etc.) remain ‘off-street’ and help protect Supplier selling price and margins.

Direct Marketing Opportunities Like No Other

After joining BevPRO, Supplier Partners gain access to a suite of marketing tools, events and opportunities that allow you to market your products directly to our Members without all the other channel noises.  It is THE most efficient and cost-effective way to sell more of what you have to offer.


Let us help you increase your market share!

How to become a BevPRO Supplier Partner:

Suppliers may express their interest to become an BevPRO Supplier Partner by reaching out to the Buying Group.  The first question asked will be if you currently deal with any of our Members, and we would determine if that Member would endorse you.


BevPRO then invites pre-qualified suppliers in a specific product category to present their value offering. Supplier program criteria is based on a wide set of factors from competitive local pricing, rebate program offering, payment terms, return policies, service levels, and the brand acceptance.

Contact Gary McMullen for more details >

Supplier Benefits
Networking Benefits

Networking & Non-Financial Benefits

Face-to-Face Meetings at Annual Events

During BevPRO’s annual meeting, we schedule a full day of face-to-face meetings between owners/top executives of our Members and the senior leadership of our Suppliers. Members and Suppliers come away with growth plans for the coming year and receive collaborative feedback. 


Since we are craft beverage producers, BevPRO always mixes in some fun and fine dining experiences too.  There’s no better way to form a lasting relationship.

Quality Members & Standards

BevPRO membership is by invitation and is only extended to Processors that have been vigorously vetted for financial stability and who have an ethical track record in dealing with their suppliers, their customers and their competition.  


BevPRO only works with those that want to grow and support the buying group and its Partners

Supplier Partnership Literature

cover of supplier sell sheet.png

Supplier Brochure


An abstract of the financial and non-financial benefits of becoming a BevPRO Supplier Partner that your team can use to help educate your decision.

cover of supplier misconceptions.png

Misconceptions & FAQ


We address some of the most common misconceptions and FAQ about becoming a Supplier Partner.

Apply online to start your Supplier Partnership application.

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