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About BevPRO

At Beverage Processors Group (BevPRO), independent craft beverage processors are at the heart of everything we do!  We are passionate about the success and well-being of our Members and of the industry.

About BevPRO


BevPRO is a Member-driven buying group created by Gary McMullen, founder of Muskoka Breweries and a pioneer in the craft brewing industry and a collection of Buying Group Experts with several decades of success building and operating successful buying groups across several industries. 


We acutely understand the operational and cost pressures of running your business and are driven to provide growth-oriented independent beverage processors with the opportunity to jointly outperform the market and stay ahead of the competition from the hyper local processors and big brands.


BevPRO’s model is simple. It is specifically designed to enhance your business (and profits), not change it.  Members always negotiate their own prices (like they do now) and rebates are earned independently of your own negotiated price.

Why don’t we negotiate price?

Simply put, it does not work.


In other models where price is negotiated, the biggest Members subsidize the smaller Members and the suppliers are held for ransom.  That’s not the recipe for a healthy, long term relationship, nor one that can provide significant benefits to the Membership.  The other models offer only a short-term solution, to a long-term problem.


By creating a situation where everyone shares in accelerated rebates, large and small producers alike help one another to achieve higher levels and larger payouts.  It is a truly harmonious model.

Pouring Beer

The BevPRO Solution!

Using a proven, technology-driven model for successful buying groups, we ensure that Processors and Supplier Partners alike share in the benefits of Membership. We work directly with the Membership to hand select our Supplier Partners and work with each Supplier Partner individually to ensure they thrive within the group setting.  We then create custom designed rebate programs to ensure that all sides are incented towards continued and sustainable growth. 


Always recognizing the strengths of being independent, BevPRO does not force Members to buy from BevPRO Supplier Partners (though it is highly encouraged) and our Members are not locked into a long-term membership commitment, bulky supply agreements or lengthy legal agreements.


We do our best to take the risk out of Membership and to leave only the rewards.

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Why do industry suppliers partner with BevPRO?

Because at BevPro, we believe our suppliers are truly our Partners.


With our decades of buying group experience we know that the key to success is to create lasting and positive relationships with our Supplier Partners that helps to ensure they too experience the benefits of Membership.


Most supplier programs are custom designed to increase rebates as the Group’s sales increase because it’s important to ensure that everyone wins in the relationship.  Suppliers quickly experience that the Beverage Processors Group is one large, ideal customer that always aims at increasing its purchasing and loyalty, year after year. 


BevPRO also facilitates exclusive member-supplier events to provide Supplier Partners scheduled, face-to-face time with each Member’s decision-maker.  Our events provide many opportunities to our Partners and can drastically reduce marketing and administrative costs.  BevPRO’s system actively but subtly encourages Members to purchase from the Group’s Supplier Partners and it helps BevPRO become an extension of the Supplier Partner’s sales team.


Apply today and you too can enjoy the benefits of a Member or a Supplier Partner

Built by Buying Group Experts

I bet the other guys can’t say this...


The Beverage Processors Group was established by buying group experts AND industry leaders in beverage processing. 


While other groups may carry some localized experience in processing, supply chain and or consulting, few, if any can say they have been designed with decades worth of buying group experience.  And as we all know, experience matters!


BevPRO is managed by Buying Group Services Inc. (BGS) hyperlink. Their team of dedicated buying group experts has, collectively, over 100 years of buying group and purchasing co-operative experience and are recognized as world-leading experts in the buying group space.


The story behind these other buying groups are very similar to BevPRO’s; a few independents seeking a solution that would allow them to band together to purchase directly from their suppliers and receive a competitive advantage in their industry. Today, these Group's provide a sustainable environment for independents and their Members provide thousands of jobs within their industries.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Speed.  Strength. Innovation. Continuous improvement.  Family.  Community.  Drive.

These are all words that describe independent beverage processor businesses in all communities across North America.   


BevPRO champions the entrepreneurial spirit to the benefit of all.

We can help grow your business.

Discover how a BevPRO processor membership or supplier partnership can help grow your business.

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