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Welcome to the
Beverage Processors Group

A membership buying group made for independent beverage processors and beverage suppliers.

Who do we serve?
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The BevPRO Group

Whether you’re a craft brewery, RTD processor, contract processor, distillery or winery, the Beverage Processors Group (BevPRO) is a buying group that has been tailor made to suit your needs.


Created by a pioneer in the craft brewing industry and a collection of buying group experts, BevPRO is a Member-driven buying group designed specifically for craft beverage processors in the United States & Canada.  


We provide you with a group buying experience like you’ve never seen!

After 25 years as an independent owner/operator in the beverage industry, I'm very proud to stand behind what we're setting out to accomplish with the BevPRO Group. We stand a greater chance of succeeding against our big multi-national competitors if we continue to find ways to work together."

- Gary McMullen, Co-Founder of BevPRO


Driving Results to your Bottom Line

Our Group harnesses the purchasing power and scale of all BevPRO Processors to trade volume purchases with select industry Supplier Partners in exchange for volume rebates, sales opportunities and reduced operational costs. Our non-adversarial approach creates enormous value for Member and Supplier Partner’s alike and prevents the ‘one price for all' trap that most other buying groups fall into.


Why is this so important?

We Don’t Tell You Who to Buy From

Unlike other groups, while we encourage you to purchase your products from our Supplier Partners, you are not obligated to.  


Afterall, being independent is what made you successful in the first place!


We create rebate programs with some of the biggest, best and most progressive suppliers in the industry and we are proud to call them our Partners.  You simply select which Supplier Partners you want to work with and based on the total volumes provided to our partners, we will provide you with rebates on your purchases.


Don’t see someone you want to work with?  Just let us know and we will work with them to design a program that makes everyone a winner.

Beer Brewery Machine

We are Better Together

Good things come from building relationships with other successful, like-minded craft Processors who run businesses just like yours. Take advantage of our network of beverage Processors and Supplier Partners around the United States and Canada and experience the benefits that only Membership can provide. 


Whether you join for the financial benefits or the non-financial benefits, you’ll be glad you did and we will bet you wish you had joined sooner!

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